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Spiritist Philosophy clarifies: Happiness or unhappiness is a work of sowing.

British Union of Spiritist Societies

Charity UK Registration Number: 1136512

 The BRITISH UNION OF SPIRITIST SOCIETIES is a voluntary unincorporated association established in 1994 for the purpose of :

To unite Spiritist Groups within the Spiritist Movement in the United Kingdom.

To promote the Spiritist Doctrine, as codified by Allan Kardec, in its three aspects:

  • Scientific
  • Philosophical
  • Religious

To enable the co-ordination and carrying out of projects and activities on a large scale with  members from all the various Groups, for the purpose of disseminating Spiritism.

Membership is open to all Spiritist Groups in the United Kingdom that have been formally established who are interested in furthering the work of Unification in this Country.

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