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Spiritist Philosophy clarifies: Happiness or unhappiness is a work of sowing.

Welcome to Spiritism in Cardiff!

One of the key points of the Spiritism is the existence of God as the Creator of everything that exists. Another, likewise fundamental, is the existence of Spirits, as His creations; another one is the principle of spiritual nature of the human soul, considered as incarnated Spirit, who makes up the conscientious, permanent and endless uniqueness of the man.

 Everything else the Spirits revealed ? the plurality of worlds, the incarnation and reincarnation, the Law of cause and effect, the need of probations as a way to progress and expiations ?, all this, that reveals the supreme wisdom of the Creator, is a natural consequence of those basic points. It stands out, though, first and foremost, the principle of the existence of the Eternal Creator.

Kardec began ?The Spirits? Book? with a chapter totally focusing God and evidences of His existence. In this book, the Compiler asked the Spirits where we could find the evidence that God exists, and so they answered: ?The axiom which you apply in all your scientific researches, 'There is no effect without a cause.' Search out the cause of whatever is not the work of man, and reason will furnish the answer to your question." 

In ?Genesis?, his last work, after explaining, in chapter I, the Spiritist Revelation, the Compiler once again talks of the existence of God, as soon as he starts chapter II, showing that it is the most important aspect of the Spiritism. 


Meetings are held in English

Coordinator: Liz Carter

Meetings: Every second and fourth Tuesday from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Venue: Quaker's Meeting House, in Charles Street,

centre of Cardiff,

Contact: [email protected]






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